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·       Create a quick free profile.

·       Post a $30 job for 30 days in less than a minute to reach thousands of food and beverage professionals. 

·       As applications come in, use the simple management tool to review, pass and hire applicants.



·       Create a fast “check the box” profile to get started.

·       Enhance your profile with photos, places you’ve worked and education.

·       Get instantly matched with jobs.

·       Follow employers and get notifications when they post a job.


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Hired Knives OnDemand

HK OnDemand is a temporary and last minute staffing service to provide pre-screened cooks, servers and bartenders. Our pricing start at $23/hour for prep cooks and servers which includes all costs associated with that employee (recruiting, payroll etc.). 



Hired Knives Select 

HK Select is a personalized head hunting service offering competitive pricing to source hourly and salaried staff, from chefs and managers to line cooks.


For more information about Hired Knives OnDemand or Select, please call 248-246-0047 or email letaThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..