What is Hired Knives?

Hired Knives is an online platform (and mobile app for job seekers) specifically designed for the food and beverage industry to connect staff with those who want to hire them.


How much does Hired Knives cost?

Staff – Free


Employers - $30 for a 30 day job posting.  Once a job is posted you can edit it at any time during the 30 day period.



Business Related Questions


How do I create a job posting? 

Complete a simple profile and get instant access to your account. 

Select “Post a Job” on the dashboard, enter the required information and post a job in less than a minute. 


How do candidates know that our job postings are on the site? 

All staff users with the same profile role as your job posting will be matched to your job and will also receive an email and app notification that your job has been posted.  Your posting may also get selected to be shared on our Facebook/Instagram page through a paid boosted “Job Alert” which generally reaches 2,000 to 3,000 people in your businesses location.   We also send out weekly job summary and featured job emails.


How should I handle walk-ins looking to apply for a job?

One of Hired Knives’ goals is to save you and your staff’s time when potential staff come into your restaurant looking for a job.  Instead of spending time getting an application and hearing why they have what it takes to work for you, simply direct them to Hired Knives and ask them to search for your business to review or apply to your current job openings. See “How does the “Follow” button work?” question below if you do not have any current job openings.


How does the “Follow” button work?

When a staff user selects the Follow button on your business profile they will receive a notification each time you post a job.  You can then view on your profile all the staff users following your business.


How do I view my applicants?

Each time you receive an application you will receive an email.  The email will contain a clickable link (the applicant’s name) to view their Hired Knives profile, you will also receive their cell phone number, and potentially a short message from the candidate (this is an optional field).  You can see all of your job postings on the “Jobs” page of the dashboard. By clicking the “More” link on the job posting you will see all the applicants for that posting that have applied. To view the full profile of the candidates click on their name.


What is the best way to contact candidates?

We have found that the best way to reach potential candidates is to send them a text message to cell phone number listed in the application email. 


How does the “Pass” button work? 

If the candidate is not suitable for the job you posted, you can select the “Pass” button on their tile in the job posting.  This will pop up an editable message to tell the candidate that you have decided to pursue other candidates for the role.  Their application will then be moved to your “Passed Applicants” folder.


What should I do if a candidate does not show up for an interview without letting me know they cannot attend?

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will reach out to the candidate and let them know that if it happens again they will be blocked from the site. It is understandable that candidates may accept another job before your scheduled interview, however, there is no excuse for not letting you know.




Staff Related Questions


How do I view and apply for jobs?

Complete a simple profile and get instant access to your account. 

You will automatically be taken to the “Jobs” dashboard page. Here you will see all of the jobs that match you profile. To apply, click the “More” button to view the full job description - If you think you have what it takes to “Make the Cut”, click Apply.  You will need to enter your cell phone number and can also write a short message to the employer and then your application will be submitted.  After the employer reviews your application they will contact you to let you know they wish to setup an interview or if they have decided to pursue other candidates.


Do I need to fill out all of the information in my profile?

You will need to complete all the required fields but we do encourage you to give as much information as possible – pictures are particularly helpful.  The more information you provide, the higher your chances of getting a job. 


Once I am hired is there a way to prevent my profile being matched to employer’s job postings? 

Yes – All you need to do is click on the edit icon on your profile and update your “Available for Hire As” setting to “Not Available”. You will no longer show up as a match for a business but you will still have access to active job postings through the site. 


What happens when I “Follow” a business? 

You will get a notification each time the business you are following posts a job. 


What happens if I am not able to attend a scheduled interview?

Nothing will happen as long as you notify the employer that you are not able to attend.  However, if we are notified that you did not show up to an interview without informing the employer you will be flagged and if it happens again you will be blocked from the site.  No shows don’t “Make the Cut”.




Have additional questions?   

Please call us on 248-246-0047 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.